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Created by a Grammy-nominated songwriter and a Mom who wanted her children to discover the truth-based songs she grew up with, BoomBox Kids is an album for kids, but made with parents in mind. Re-inventing popular “Sunday School songs” with dynamic, new lyrics that help drive home the heart of each song as well as updated melodies, this album is one that you AND your children of all ages can enjoy together!

In the same motivation, the creators wanted to go beyond the music and offer new faces to the kids entertainment world Рones that would bring life to these songs and their message in a fun and relevant way. Introducing Max and Mia, the original BoomBox Kids!

The Characters

Max is a curious, creative 10-year-old boy who dreams of becoming a DJ someday.

Mia is a spunky, dance-loving 8-year-old who loves to explore with her big brother.

Hear the story of how Max & Mia became the BoomBox Kids:

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